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The Kissing Tree

A dark sleek bird flew down to a tree, 

"What a splendid tree this is for me!" 

He bounced from a twig, to a leaf, to a branch, 

From the ground below, it was a beautiful dance. 

Jack the Jackdaw is searching for love. He finds the perfect tree for mistletoe to grow on but a Robin eats all his berries! Will Jack ever find his true love and share a mistletoe kiss?

Available to buy at The Great British Bookshop or


Rudy the Reindeer

Rudy the Reindeer lives at Cob House Country Park with his reindeer family. Along with his best friend Spike (a cheeky little mouse), Rudy gets into trouble and can't ride Santa's sleigh on Christmas Eve. 

Santa and the reindeer go to deliver the presents but a storm causes the sleigh to crash. 

Their only hope is Rudy, but will he be able to save them and all the presents in time for Christmas?

Available to buy at The Great British Bookshop or on Amazon.


The Vegetarian Vampire; Halloween Disco

It's fang-tastic!

Vernon's a vegetarian vampire, it's his biggest SECRET!

He's picked on by Big Brian the bully and desperately wants to impress beautiful Veronica.

So Vernon decides to do three CRAZY challenges to become the school's DEADLIEST vampire.

Just in time for Halloween!

Available to buy at The Great British Bookshop or on Amazon.


The Vegetarian Vampire; The Lost Fangs

It's spook-tacular!

Vernon the vegetarian vampire is back...but has wobbly fangs! They fall out when he bites a veggie burger and then he loses them! 

With help from Malcolm and Veronica (and lots of trouble from Brian the Bully), Vernon sets off on an adventure of creepy caves and smelly toilets. 

Will he find his fangs before the vampire tooth fairy visits? Or be fangless forever?

Available on The Great British Book Shop or Amazon.



Trevor Triangle Loses the Mail.

Trevor Triangle is Shape Land's happy postman.

He has mail to deliver to different shapes, including three birthday cards for Rebecca Rectangle.

It's a very windy day in Shape Land and Trevor Triangle loses Rebecca Rectangle's cards.

Will his shaped friends be able to help him find them? Or will Trevor Triangle ruin Rebecca Rectangle's birthday?

Find out in this pre-school story which helps educate children on shapes in a fun, exciting way that can be told time and time again!

Available on Amazon.



Silly Samuel Square

Samuel Square is Shape Land's rudest shape!

He always sticks his tongue out at the the other shapes and blows raspberries!

He buys some roller blades and whizzes around Shape Land causing mischief, ending up stuck in a dustbin.

Will his shaped friends be able to pull him out? Or will Samuel Square finally have to learn some manners?

Available on Amazon.

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